PCB10 Construction

This PCB is designed for use with several IC's the only part that will vary is the IC itself, otherwise the construction is identical for all IC's

*NOTE: The I2C version does not need T1, R1, R2 and D1 and so are not supplied with the I2C kit *

Kit with all parts.

All Parts fitted to serial board I2C board does not have T1,D1,R1 or R2 fitted

There are two types of resistor, R2 and R3 have yellow bands (brown, black yellow, gold) and R1,R4 and R5 have an orange band (brown, black, orange, gold).

Start by soldering in the socket and then the rest of the components.

Its not essential but helps if you place the notch on the IC socket uppermost as shown.

It is important to fit the diode the correct way round with the black stripe uppermost. Also be careful when bending the leads as this component is made of glass. This part may also look a bit different but it will still have a stripe at one end.

T1 must also be the correct way with the flat part of the body facing down as shown, however this should be obvious as it is marked that way on the PCB.

The plugs and sockets are optional.